The Resonance School

“Heaven Is Under Our Feet
As Well As Over Our Heads”
— Thoreau

Experiential Classes for Teams, Groups, Leaders and Individuals

Thoreau had it right.  Our spiritual life is not just left to prayer, devotion and an inward journey.  It is under our feet and to be experienced.  The programs, events and classes at The Resonance School are dedicated to bring Individuals, Leaders and Groups back into cadence with Nature.  I meld my understanding of the natural world, science, unique modalities and 28 plus years as an independent business consultant to assist others to exercise their own internal navigation.  Subtle sensing that at times gets lost in the rush of living life.  I have developed a course study;  Finding Equilibrium to develop this individual navigation system.  Many have experienced quantum change at home, work and relationships.

Coherence with our Soul's intention allows resonance with everything we wish to create.
To find your true internal navigation contact me and let's collaborate to develop an individual or group program that lays the foundation for a life set for discovery, creativity and joy.