Eclipse On

Harness The Power of the Solar Eclipse

Times of great change.  Shifting perceptions. New alliances.  All part of our human~adaptability and trust of what the heart speaks.  Harness the power of this brief moment in time that the Sun takes a pause; a breath, while the Moon; the Divine Feminine balances our desires between singular ambitions and the greater good.
I've taken the cues...New Website, New View and New Alliances all for the continued focus of  Heaven is here on Earth.

Just Colour, Angele Lange + I Offer A Course The Power of Scent + Colour on Mapping New Cognition Pathways
Saturday September 23, 2017 Berlin

Learn how plant based essential oils + colour stimulate the limbic system and assists us in balancing the neural pathways of our brain and body.  
Using special Apothycaria essential oil blends and The Aura Soma Colour System we will explore the power of these two sense allies in rewiring stagnant neural pathways.
Gain freedom in changing your thoughts, impulses and physical outcomes while collaborating with other friends at the beautiful Just Colour House Berlin, Angele Lange and I. 
Saturday, September 23 | 11 - 3 pm
Euro 217
Just Colour

Radelandstraße 30
13589 Berlin
Telefon: +49 30 23366337 or
For those traveling from afar allow us to help you find appropriate accommodation. 

Apothycaria and Martin + Mo

Simona Martin and Wai Mo of Martin + Mo elegant Table Top Extraordinaires are featuring Apothycaria's City Essential Oil blends to enhance and evoke a scent~sational impression to any environment, event or place.  Fancy Firenze?  Or perhaps lively Hong Kong? A hike through Waimea Canyon? 12 Cities that my nose has quantified in Apothycaria's speciality scent signatures.  Find them in time for the gifting holiday season 2017 along with all of Martin + Mo's delectable assortment of home accoutrement.
Want Your Own Signature Scent? City?
Contact me directly to create your own signature essential oil scent, perfume + environment enhancer.  

Eclipsing Me ~ New Website + Identity

New Website on the way still ~
In honor of the Solar Eclipse and it's lasting significance in new paths and goals, I will be offering in the month of October to all of my clients new and returning 33% off all of my services.  Mention Eclipse. 

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