Achieve joy and balance through a quiet, intuitive, yet powerful consultative approach that raises your energy level, untangles somatic attachments and aligns the mind with positive thought intentions.



Employs 1000+ years of Ayurvedic wellness model and its therapeutic modalities to achieve inner and outer balance.

  • Healing Touch for Humans + Animals

  • Acupressure

  • Diet

  • Aromatherapy

  • Herbal Remedies

Sound & Mineral Therapy

Harness the frequency of sound and mineral therapy. Learn to understand the physics of awareness.

Aura Soma Colour Therapy  

AURA = Light + SOMA = Body,  is a fun and expressive way to discover your soul’s unique colour print.
Ever wondered why you are attracted to certain colours?  Curious about others?  Have a closet full of clothes that are the same colour?  FIND your Soul's creative expression and life goals from 115 bottles, an infinite number of combinations. Learn to utilize the frequency of colour in your life through progressive consultations.


Guided and focused activity meditation. Learn to quiet the mind, cultivate stillness and integrate a meditative state in your daily life.

Somatic Dialog and Counseling

Learn to connect your thoughts with physical manifestations. Regulate pain and achieve limbic resonance through your own intuition and senses. Tailored Finding Equilibrium classes created for individual goals.

Marianne continues to up my advantage in Adventurous Open Water Swimming. I swim in many different oceans to benefit non profit organizations. After a session my body is able to recover quickly and I can get ready for my next event. She is brilliant at training me on how to correct my body, mind and spirit when a physical area is not aligned. The extra plus is that she adds a large dose of knowledge, wisdom and humor to every session.
— Dr Levy Gerzberg; CEO Zoran Corporation
I stepped off my busy work and family life treadmill and immersed myself in Marianne’s Finding Equilibrium and The Resonance School experience. Connecting with my inner guidance allowed peace and tranquility to soak into my being. Reminding me why we are here….to let go and simply enjoy. I’ve become more productive in my everyday life.
— Lorraine Cullen, Homeopath