Teams + Groups

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The International Resonance School for teams and groups ~ Experiential Classes & Retreats. Meditation, resilience skills, and sensorial awareness.   Achieve awareness and balance through unique communication exercises, focus, resilience skills, sensorial awareness, and collaborative team building.

Customized Classes + Retreats

Team building, stress-reduction, anytime - anywhere mindfulness practice, creative communication, resilience skills and focus exercises.

Past retreats included subtle awareness exercises, non-verbal interactions, equine engagement, color exploration, creative problem solving, incorporating humor and guided meditations. 

In-House Modules

Finding Equilibrium Course Study - Weekly or monthly 50 minute modules to help your group achieve balance, improve communication, reduce stress, and exceed organization goals.

Marianne demonstrates a remarkable aptitude for assisting individuals in identifying valuable communication skills - ones that supports expression, trust and the desire to build team coherence. Her powerful process enables everyone to feel honored for their unique abilities, as well as for their contributions to the greater whole. I highly recommend Marianne and her important work.
— Richard Lang, Chairman & CEO Democrasoft, Inc.

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