Wellness Specialist
Marianne Nishifué Is Your Wellness Steward

Together with Marianne you will engineer a lifestyle that is adaptable and resilient. A map for your body, mind and spirit to navigate life’s challenges and transitions. Her 30+ years as an international business consultant and wellness credentials offer a unique process to discover transformative solutions for self - awareness.

Wellness Simplified | Wellness Supported

Together you will find the perfect integration of Allopathic and Holistic medical models to discover the roots of imbalance and create an easy program for optimal health. Each of us has a unique wellness path. To achieve a thriving You, Marianne utilizes a diverse range of modalities.


Aromatic Medicine

Alchemist & Purveyor Apothycaria : Plant, Mineral & Essence Apothecary

Finding Equilibrium : Individual or Group Course Study

Healing Massage for Humans & Animals

Somatic Dialog & Counseling

Aura Soma Colour Therapy

Indigenous Healer Trained

Limbic Resonance



30+ years Independent Business Consultant

Achieve A Life That Is Abundant,

Balanced, and


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