Apothycaria | Marianne Nishifué | Purveyor + Alchemist

Plant • Mineral • Essence Apothecary | Face • Body • Soul Remedies for Modern Life

Apothycaria’s products are handcrafted and formulated by Marianne Nishifue´ a certified Ayurvedic Aromatherapist and Herbalist. Each product is infused with colour, precious gems and formulated with medicinal herbs, essential oils, mineral and flower essences.  Your Apothycaria product is tailored for your specific Ayurvedic constitution.  Achieve physical vibrancy and resilience.  All of Apothycaria's ingredients are internationally sourced from organic, ethically farmed, regional medicinal qualities, small batched, mineral and essence companies.  



Face and Body Cremes | Balms | Serums | Environment Enhancers | Essential Oil Perfumes | Skin Remedies

Please contact Marianne directly for your Ayurvedic consultation and to insure your product is personalized to your individual needs.  Proprietary blend creations are available for businesses, events and functions.  

Proprietary Ritual Oils 

Available online exclusively at Martin+Mo.



Marianne has an instinctual ability to know exactly what an individual needs to balance their physical body. She brings years of experience, training and a broad knowledge base of herbology, aromatherapy, supplements and nutrition. Whether it is a plant based remedy for determined skin conditions or supplementation for wellness Marianne will find the perfect formula that will get you glowing inside and out.
— Lisa Walters; Founder + Director The EquuSatori Center
Marianne is a hidden gem. She helped me to achieve a life in balance. Her diverse healing modalities; Ayurveda Lifestyle counseling, Massage and her organic plant based remedies from her modern day apothecary has kept me thriving in my busy life.
— Linda Haskell; High Tech Consultant